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ASSURE is a passive, real time falls detection system for the elderly based on new unique radar sensor technology with AI. This ground breaking radar sensor offers live falls and presence detection across multiple occupants in a room without the need of a wearable.


ASSURE monitors presence in a room or bed and has the ability to detect falls without the need of any wearable devices.

The sensor is connected to the CORRICARE cloud portal and will report all alerts in the form of a notification to caregivers.

ASSURE overview video

ASSURE is designed to detect falls and alerts carers in realtime.

Placement should be 2.2 mts or 1.4 mts from the floor and power is via a Type C USB connection.

Corricare Assure.png

Detects Falls

Realtime Alerts

Respects privacy and does not use cameras

Fully automatic and contactless

Easy to install and operate

Operates without wearables

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