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CORRICARE pro solutions
Hospital in the Home – Care at Home

CORRICARE pro solutions is a customised hardware and software solution, offered to professional organisations wanting to supply CORRICARE products to their existing clients.

CORRICARE can partner with Hospitals and care teams to deliver unparalleled post-operative care in the comfort of a patient’s home.  With automated medication and appointment reminders, the ability to monitor behavioural trends, analyse data and receive alerts.  Hospital care teams will have a comprehensive insight into their patients enabling them to improve operational efficiencies.

Secure domain hosting through AWS

Alerts and messaging integration to existing call centre framework

Customisable client portal with associated branding

Product co branding including materials

Ongoing sales and training support


White label solutions to enhance the independence of clients outside of the medical environment:

Business Partnership

Achieve positive financial outcomes through new technology solutions.

Custom Solutions

Integration of systems & technology innovation for specific outcomes.

Custom Branding

Ensuring the reputation and relationship with the client is enhanced.

Technology Solutions

Expert software development team can provide solutions to specific requirements.

Home Care Monitoring

Designed to transform the in-home care environment with smart technology and innovation, the CORRICARE pro solutions system, together with continuous 24/7 monitoring, is the only solution on the market that combines all of the tools a home care monitoring system needs in one.

The CORRICARE pro solutions system passively monitors the residents home using algorithms including multiple AI and machine learning methods. Without using a pendant or pressing a button the pro solutions system is able to send an alert notification following abnormal behaviours to the CORRICARE pro solutions Portal.


Rose Stevenson has not gone to bed at her usual time. CORRICARE smart sensors have sent an alert to the portal system and notified the call center.


Medication Reminders

Routine Monitoring

The CORRICARE pro solutions system is able to keep record of residents behaviour as well as any changes to their routine. This data can be vital to detecting any deterioration in a residents health. The system is also able to vocalise any reminders that the care staff wish such as a reminder for the resident to take their medication.


Resident in room 2 is late to bed. Sensors send an alert to the Portal.


Hospital Shared Care Programs and Out Patient Care

The CORRICARE pro solutions system is one of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market today. Designed using AI technology, CORRICARE pro solutions accommodates for a wide range of installation possibilities in new and existing buildings. The scalable design allows the implementation of CORRICARE pro solutions into your current systems.


Late to rise alert notification

li-lin-bsi7bV1SR2k-unsplash-scaled (1).jpg

The patient in bed 4 has been in the bathroom for 20 minutes.

Privacy & Security

CORRICARE pro solutions allows for maximum privacy as well as maximum security for residents. CORRICARE pro solutions portal can also come with access to interactive displays like the “InfoTab.” The display can also report daily activities and other information when notifications aren’t in action. The CORRICARE pro solutions system streamlines workflows and improves efficiency for staff. 


Sensors send an alert to the central monitoring system when anomalies are detected.


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