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Why I Think TEQ-Home is the BestAssisted Living Technology for Seniors.

Over the last few years we’ve experienced some challenging times and not a lot of good news stories. We were particularly excited to receive a call from customer Gay Ochiltree who wanted to give us some positive feedback about her TEQ-Home digital concierge. We asked if she would tell us more about her experience so we could share it with other older people living at home on their own.

Here’s what Gay had to say about her experience with her TEQ-Home.

“It’s made me feel safe and more independent”

’d been looking at getting a monitoring system in my home for some time. I’d become more aware that there are many risks to living on my own as an elderly person. Falls and strokes seem to be common with people of my age. That’s when I was introduced to the TEQ-Home system.

The concept is very simple. There are sensors that were placed around my home which monitor my movement throughout the day. If I have not gotten up or gone to bed at my normal time, it knows that there is something wrong. It will alert a family member or friend, so they know something is out of the ordinary. If I have spent longer than normal in the bathroom, it knows and will make sure I am ok.

It says things like “Good morning’ and ‘have a nice day’ along with other reminders such as time for a glass of water or time for your medication that I need day to day, and I found this very comforting because I feel like I have someone looking out for me, keeping me company.

I don’t need to do anything except go about my normal routine. There is no need to learn anything new or behave any differently than I normally do. It has made me feel so safe and more independent as I know if I need help someone will be notified.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting a TEQ-Home?

I would definitely recommend the TEQ-Home to anyone. I think it’s the best assisted living device for an elderly person who wishes to remain independent and remain living at home.

Since I’ve had the TEQ-Home I do feel a lot safer as I know that is something happens to me, the TEQ-Home will let someone know. I’ve heard too many terrible stories of people who have fallen and left for ages. There was no one to notify family or emergency responders and I never want to be one of those people.

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