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The CORRICARE Mini Smart PIR Motion Detector is a versatile home security device designed to provide peace of mind. Its hemispherical appearance blends seamlessly into various home environments and can be placed on walls, ceilings, tables, and even in the kitchen.


Equipped with a PIR sensor and a smart light strip, this advanced motion detector ensures you have no worries about burglars at home. It offers real-time detection of any movement within its range, and with the accompanying application remote, you can easily monitor and control the device from your smartphone.


One standout feature is the emergency alert push function, which immediately notifies you of any suspicious activity, enhancing your home's security. With the CORRICARE Mini Smart PIR Motion Detector, you can enjoy the convenience of real-time monitoring and the confidence of knowing your home is protected.



1 * PIR Sensor

1 * User Manual

1 * Double-sided adhesive

CORRICARE Mini Smart PIR Motion Detector

  • Size: 40*40*40mm

    Networking form: ZigBee 3.0

    Detection: 120°, Distance < 5m

    Power input: CR2450 button battery

    Working temperature: -10° ~45°C

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