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the CORRICARE Panic Button is a versatile and reliable safety device that leverages WiFi connectivity, sensor integration, and a user-friendly SOS button to provide quick assistance during emergencies. With its impressive indoor range and straightforward power supply, it's a valuable addition to any home or office seeking to enhance security and peace of mind.

CORRICARE Panic Button

  • Distance: 15 to 30m indoor

    Warning Mode: Device send a message to hub, the APP will receive a signal from the HUB

    WIFI Alarm Hub: Connect sensors and WIFI router, notice to APP

    SOS Button: 433mhz

    WiFi host: With power plug, 110V / 220V directly

    Battery for SOS: CR2032 button battery (include)

    Function: Panic Button WiFi for Elderly Emergency Alert 

    DIY Alarm System: Support max 100pcs 433mhz sensors and 10pcs controllers (not include)

    Alarm Style: Alarm voice + LED+ APP Notification