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The CORRICARE Temperature Humidity Sensor is an advanced smart home device designed to provide intelligent and accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. This sensor offers a range of features that enhance its functionality and integration within a smart home ecosystem. the CORRICARE Temperature Humidity Sensor is a versatile and intelligent device that offers accurate monitoring of environmental conditions, real-time displays, smart integration with other devices, alarm capabilities, and voice control options. It is a valuable addition to any smart home setup, enhancing both comfort and efficiency while ensuring users are well-informed about their indoor environment.

CORRICARE Temperature Humidity Sensor

  • Product Name: CORRICARE Temperature Humidity Sensor

    Battery: CR2450

    Temperature Range: –10°c ~ 50°c

    Temperature detection accuracy: +0.3°c

    Humidity detection range: 0% - 95%rh (no condensation)

    Humidity detection accuracy: +0.3%

    Wireless protocol: Zigbee

    Product size: 40*13mm

    Product weight : about 17g

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