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TEQ-Secure is a lightweight, easy to use safety pendant that can issue an emergency request to multiple people at the touch of a button via SMS.

Equipped with global positioning and mobile network technology, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enable immediate voice contact via a built-in speaker phone


Falls Detection

When a fall is detected your TEQ-Secure sends an SMS to your nominated friend/family member and then follows up swiftly with a two-way voice call

Real Time Live Location

See locations status via our online portal using a computer or iOS/Android smart phone app


Select safe areas and if your loved one travels inside or outside these approved locations carers/friends/family are notified

Spoken Word Reminders

The included charging cradle offers spoken word reminders to charge your TEQ-Secure when needed

Two-Way Voice

Friends and family can call the device just like a normal cell phone and have a two-way voice conversation

Emergency button, one touch call ability

Speedy access to emergency contacts

Nationwide 4G connectivity

Assurance your call for help will be
received where there is mobile coverage

Waterproof (IP67)

Can be worn in the shower


CORRICARE is the web based, state of the art interface that provides access for users of CORRICARE products and services to manage their systems.

Nominating carers or emergency contacts, naming your device, setting up falls detection sensitivity and geofence locations – the portal is there for all of this.

Accessible via traditional computer or iOS or Android smart phone app.


CORRICARE secure overview video

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