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Nurse Talking to Patient

The ability to monitor and respond to in-care residents and loved ones in an emergency has never been easier with Corricare Home assisted-living technology.

Corricare Home is transforming the landscape for professional and in-home caring. Delivering intelligent and holistic technology solutions that enable aged and healthcare providers greater functionality and resources to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those in their care.

Ultimately, empowering people of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to experience aging in place.


Corricare Business Services

To introduce Corricare Business services to assisted living home providers & Clinics

Clinic Management System

 Clinic Management system to manage all documents from customised HER, organise bookings, inventory management, billing, Teleconsult and reports of dashboard across any device

Corricare Packages

To introduce Corricare Home for fall detection alerts & IOT devices to improve life

Corricare Objectives